Phipps & Howell

Governmental Affairs and Lobbying

Phipps & Howell has over 75 years of combined experience dealing with all levels of government, including state, county, municipal, and regional agencies and authorities. We represent clients on a wide variety of executive and legislative issues such as amendments to substantive law, appropriation, administrative and regulatory proceedings, and political action.

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of state government’s inner workings, and an extensive network of personal and professional relationships within state agencies. In addition, we have extensive experience with local government, including counties and municipalities. The firm has represented various local governmental units and authorities before state agencies and in litigation.

Phipps & Howell represents state agencies (through the Division of Risk Management) in state and federal litigation involving employment and civil rights issues. We regularly partner with the Department of Revenue, through intervention or as special counsel, in litigation involving major tax policy. Ben Phipps has represented the state in tax litigation (including before the Supreme Court) involving prison operated by private contractors. The firm is state and local counsel to the Florida Airport Council, an association of all public airports in Florida. We have represented every major airport in the state and many general aviation airports operated by municipalities or counties, on various tax issues. Ben Phipps has acted as special appellate counsel for the Florida League of Cities in several instances.

Ben Phipps and Jeff Howell have both served in senior staff positions in the Florida Legislature, Ben as the House aide, Jeff on the Senate. Both have years of experience in drafting legislation, particularly in the tax and health care fields. Both have appeared as registered lobbyists, generally testifying as experts in their respective fields and acting as legislative draftsmen. In such capacities, they usually serve with the designated lobbyists for major corporate entities and associations.